Friday, May 11, 2018

GOM Audio 2.2 Free Download

GOM Audio 2.2
Gomaudio for free

GOM audio, high-quality CD, and other formats can play music free music players. Games such as quick adjustment and balance are some cool effects and useful features.

GOM Audio gives you the best audio optimization. Provides excellent sound, which is a synchronized word when your music works, so that you can listen to it, "Play audio function without text available online, but using song and song to edit text can be used to download: You can also GOM universal transfer or listen to podcasts before downloading.

The main features include:

  • Play speed control.
  • A-B is repeated.
  • Check item.
  • Equalizer:
  • reverberation.
  • Sound effects.
  • Text and Zink editors.
  • Upload and download podcasts:
  • Internet broadcast
  • Don't be fooled.
  • Play.
  • Edit ID3 tags
  • Replace it inside.
  • Support plugins:
  • Power options.
  • Widgets and screen lock controls (move).
  • Turn off the music video (mobile phone).
  • Support for Cloud storage (mobile).
Different types of audio formats Audio GOM, CD Audio/MP3/M4A/OGG/WMA/WAV/Medium/FLAC/APE/PLS Supports voice like M4A and AAC supports encryption when stored.

GOM Player GOM Audio Design Plays audio play of popular game programs. GOM Audio GOM Player has the same features as the very popular repeat functions (such as A-B and speed control playback) and contains shortcuts.

The GOM audio GOM ID also allows you to use Profillərimdən connections. With COM ID, you can manage their downloads/edits and sync the pictures and other details from my profile menu to your personal account. These synchronized texts can be shared between your computer and your mobile device.

In general, GOM audio pure harmonics, which features a music player. You can use it to listen to high-quality sounds from different sources. So the speed and spacing of the music of your favorite song's text synchronization feature let you watch as well as some useful features, "You are the standard media player is superior, why cast GOM can see, use force system resources, easy to navigate The interface, simple design.GOM Audio - It is also skinnable, so if you don't like what you see, you can choose a different worksheet from the "Preferences" menu.


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