Saturday, May 12, 2018

GOM Player 2.3 Free Download

GOM Player 2.3
GOM Player 2.3

GOM players are one of the best players in the world. The first known for high-quality video and audio and supports multiple video formats (FLV, MP4, MOV, MPG, TS, AVI, DIVX, .asx, WMV, M4V, which is ALSO, VOB, 3GP / 3GP2, RM / RMVB, mkv, andm). But there is more code support for GOM Player.

If you are interested in VR and 360-degree video, GOM players are only designed for you! GOM Player supports multiple video formats VR and 360, and each user's experience is friendly, simple interface/provide the translation.

You can play local 360° files and play 360 YouTube videos. GomPlayer, personalized, most advanced users can improve the video experience. There are thousands of VR 360° VR videos you can see.

If you are looking for subtitles, GOM players will be very relaxed. GOM player users can use the world's largest database. All you need to do is play the video. Playing the video will automatically trigger the GOM player and display the relevant results. After you need it to download translations, simply click on the program to download and execute. This [is] to install "app" and enjoy the video show video! No online discovery and asked if you have the correct title.

Another feature of GOM Player is GOM Remote! GOM users can connect smartphones to GOM players. No matter what bed! You can do anything for your smartphone, video play/stop the video, and choose to lower the volume, you can reduce your screen, and more. It can also be used side-by-side with GPG remote controls and geolocation players to soothe your gaming experience.

GOM players are not your regular video player. This is particularly refreshing, providing users with an independent and cool environment. The update of the GOM player team will be regularly updated to improve the user experience. Look at tens of millions of people around the world who use GOM Player today!

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