Saturday, May 5, 2018

Photo! Editor 1.1 Free Download

Photo! Editor 1.1

Photo! The editor provides you with the free advanced package for all image editing features.

The software contains tools that will improve your image and make them live.
The user interface is easy to navigate, and most tools work in automatic (single point) or manual mode.

Main features include  Red Eye FIX: The refurbished red eye  Tool makes it easy to remove red-eye from your photos.
You can automatically adjust the phase or edit in manual mode. Color water improvement: coloring tools Improve the color of the diagram, which contains some of the adjustment, contrast, brightness, and saturation of the advanced tools.
You can do this automatically or manually. Noise: The noise makes it possible to effectively remove the brightness and color water noise in the image produced under the weakest light condition.
This tool is again available for the automatic or manual mode. The Desmudge: smudge tool allows you to improve the pin image.
This tool uses advanced methods to make blurred image improvements worse.
Create a seminar: The Workshop tool wraps the image with the special effects animation.
Makeup tools have a set of tools that can be used for portrait enhancement.
Lighting: A lighting effect tool that allows you to influence the artistic light of your picture.
Stand up: Straighten your instrument to provide the easiest way to make smaller images away from straightening your oblique.
Example: The sample tool allows you to reduce the size of coming by zooming in or reducing the loss of image quality.
Harvest: The cereal tools let you image in a clear and splendid way. Batch processing: Batches allow you to edit multiple images with minimal effort. You can change the number of graphs by working with the Background menu in Windows Explorer.


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